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one word substitution

One word Substitution is one of the integral parts of vocabulary. It means that a sentence has to be replaced with a single word.

Substitution:    The word substitution mostly used in Football,when a  player got injured or tired,he is replaces with other.Therefore Substitution contains the root word substitute. In school, a substitute is a temporary teacher who fills in when your regular teacher is out.

Most Common uses of one word substitution

1.To examine one's own thoughts and feelings = Introspection
2. A short, usually amusing,story about some real person or event =Anecdote
3. Woman who offers the use of her body for sexual intercourse to any one who will pay for this= Prostitute 
4. Life history of a person written by another = Biography
5. Custom of having many wives = Polygamy
6. A person  who does not believe in any religion = Pagan
7. Bringing about gentle and painless death from incurable disease = Euthanasia
8. A man of lax moral = Licentious
9. A small enclosure for cattle, sheep, poultry etc. = Pen
10. To cause troops etc. to spread out in readiness for battle = Deploy
11. One who forcibly seizes control of a bus or an aircraft = Hijacker
12. The act of killing one's wife = Uxoricide
13. Music sang or played at night below a person's window = Serenade
14. A government by the nobles = Aristocracy
15. Anything written in a letter after it is signed = Postscript
16. Strong and settled dislike between persons =  Antipathy
17. A person who has no money to pay off his debts = Insolvent 
18. A small house with all rooms on one floor = Bungalow
19. A song embodying religious and sacred emotions = Hymn
20. An entertainer who performs difficult physical actions = Acrobat
21. The policy of  extending a country's empire and influence = Imperialism
22. Government by a single person = Autocracy 
23. Practice of a married woman having extra marital relationship = Adultery 
24. A workman who fits and repairs pipes = Plumber
25. Part of a church in which bells hang = Belfry 
26. Mania for balking =  Logo mania
27. The custom of having more than one husband at the same time = Polyandry
28. An extremely deep crack or opening in the ground = Chasm
29. The study of ancient societies = Archaeology 
30. The foolish belief that one is god = Theo mania 
31. List of heading of the business to be transacted  at meeting = Agenda
32. A process involving too much official formality = Red-tapism
33. A person who brings an action at law = Plaintiff
34. The short remaining end of a cigarette = Stub
35. The place where public, government or historical records are kept = Archives
36. A post without remuneration = Honorary 
37. Large scale departure of people = Exodus
38. Lottery in which an article is assigned by lot to one of those buying tickets = Raffle
39. To send an unwanted person out of the country =Deport
40 . Voluntarily giving up throne by king in favour of his son = Abdication
41. Child bereaved of one or both the parents =Orphan
42. Gift left by will = Legacy 
43. A government run by a dictator = Autocracy
44. One who  always runs away from danger = Timid
45. A poem written on the death of someone loved and lost = Elegy
46. One who despises persons of lower social position = Snob
47. Gradual recovery from  illness = Convalescence
48. One who is determined to exact full vengeance for wrongs done to him = Vindictive
49. A person who believes that pleasure is the chief good = Hedonist
50  Commencement of words with the same letter = Alliteration

   SET - 2

1. An office or post with no work but high pay = Sinecure
2. One who is well-versed in any subject, a critical judge of any art , particularly fine art = Connoisseur
3. Person who is indifferent to both pleasure and pain = Stoic
4. A person who is against the standards of ordinary society especially in dressing = Hippy
5 .Murder of a brother = Fratricide
6. Mania for stealing articles = Kleptomania
7. Mental weariness for want of occupation = Ennui
8. One who loves all and sundry = Philanthropist 
9. Mania  for travel = Dromomania
10. A person living permanently in a certain place = Domicile
11. Paying back injury with injury  = Reprisal 
12. Acutely affected by external impressions = Sensitive
13. To slap with a flat object = Swat
14. An assembly of hearers = Audience
15. An associate in an office or institution = Colleague 
16. One who is unrelenting and cannot be moved by entreaties = Inexorable 
17. Regard for others as a principle of action  = Altruism
18. A person who claims to have great love for and understanding or what is beautiful in nature, art etc =Aesthete 
19 . A disease which spread by contact = Contagious
20. An animal story with a moral = Fable 
21.   To change shape ,nature or substance of a thing = Transmute 
22. A person who believes that god is every thing and everything is god = Pantheist
23. A person who pilots or travels in a balloon, airship, or other aircraft = Aeronaut
24. Witty, clever retort = Repartee
25. Words different in meaning but similar in sound = Homonym
26. Simplest and smallest form of plant life , present in air , water and soil, essential to life but may cause disease = Bacteria
27. A girl or woman who flirts that is tries to attract people and make advances in love simply to satisfy her vanity =Coquette
28. A person who regards the whole world as his country = Cosmopolitan 
29. Relationship by blood or birth = Consanguinity
30. A story in which ideas are symbolized as people = Allegory 
31. The cessation of warfare before a treaty is signed = Armistice
32. A person who makes love without serious intention = Philanderer
33. Opposed to great or sudden change = Conservative
34. Having no beginning or end to its existence = Eternal
35. The art of cutting trees and bushes into ornamental shapes = Topiary
36. Walking in sleep = Somnambulism
37. One who cannot die = Immortal
38. A formal written charge against a person for some crime or offence = Indictment 
39. Language difficult to understand because of bad form =Jargon
40. Belief or opinion contrary to what is generally accepted =  Heresy   
41. A person obsessed with exclusively one idea or subject = Monomaniac
42. A child of unusual or remarkable talent  = Prodigy
43. A disease  which ends in death = Fatal
44. A Person who kills somebody especially for political reasons = Assassin
45. One who loves mankind = Philanthropist
46. A small piece of potato = Chip
47. A child who stays away from school without any good reason = Truant
48. A common place remark = Platitude
49 . Line at which the earth or sea and sky seem to meet = Horizon
50. A person who rules without consulting the opinion of others = Autocrat

Blog written by,
Puja Singha

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