1.Write the full form of ICC?
Ans. The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the global governing body of cricket.

2. When it was founded?
Ans. It was founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from Australia, England and South Africa.

3.How much member of ICC?
Ans. The ICC has 105 members: 12 Full Members that play Test matches and 93 Associate Members.

4. When cricket  established ?
Ans. In the first half of the 18th Century cricket established itself as a leading sport in London and the south-eastern counties of England.

5.When and Where first Women cricket has played?
Ans. Women’s Cricket dates back to the 1745, when the first known match was played in Surrey.

6.Which year the first Law of cricket written and amended?
Ans.In 1744, the first Laws of Cricket were written and subsequently amended in 1774, when innovations such as lbw, a 3rd stump, - the middle stump and a maximum bat width were added.

7.In between which country The first Women cricket match played?
Ans.The South of England and in Australia the first Women’s sides began playing the sport in the 1890’s.

8. The first international cricket game played in between which country?
Ans.The first ever international cricket game was played between the USA and Canada in 1844 at the St George's Cricket Club in New York and in 1859 a team of leading English professionals visited North America on the first-ever overseas tour.

9.When The first English team toured in Australia?
Ans.In 1862 the first English team toured Australia and six years later a team of Australian Aborigines toured England in what was the first Australian cricket team to travel overseas.

10.The first Test match played in between which team?
Ans.In 1877, an England touring team in Australia played two matches against full Australian XIs that are now regarded as the first Test matches.

11.When India become the ICC membership?
Ans.In the year 1932,before the Second World War.However, the West Indies (1928), New Zealand (1930) and Pakistan (1952) soon afterwards.
 12.When Ranji Trophy first payed?
Ans.In the year 1934.

13.South African cricket board why banned in 1970 by ICC?
Ans.In 1970 South Africa were suspended indefinitely from international cricket competition due to apartheid and so - starved of top-level competition, the South African Cricket Board began funding so-called “rebel tours” for international players to form teams and tour South Africa. The rebel tours continued into the 1980s but when it became clear that apartheid was ending South Africa was welcomed back into international sport in 1991.

14.First ever Women test match held in between which Country?
Ans.The first ever Test Match was played between England and Australia in 1934. The founding of the International Women’s Cricket Council in 1958 (since merged with ICC in 2005).

Cricket match-1779-derby and others(wikimedia)

15.  When first cricket world cup held?
Ans.In 1973 that the first Cricket World Cup of any kind took place. The Women’s World Cup was hosted by England who went on to claim the inaugural cup with captain Rachel Heyhoe-Flint leading the way.

16.The first limited-over international match took place where?
Ans-The first limited-over international match took place at Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1971 as a time-filler after a Test match had been abandoned because of heavy rain on the opening days.

17. In which year First Cricket world cup held?
 Ans. ( ICC)The International Cricket Conference organising the first Men’s Cricket World Cup in England in 1975, with all the Test-playing nations of the time taking part and West Indies triumphing at Lord’s in the final.

18. When 2nd world cup held?
Ans.Such was the success of the inaugural World Cup, it was decided that it would become a regular part of the calendar with further Cricket World Cups were held in England in 1979 and 1983 before the tournament moved to India and Pakistan in 1987.

19.which is the colour of the ball before 1992?
Ans.Red ball with white clothing. 1992 dawned a new era of World Cup Cricket with floodlights, coloured clothing and a white ball being utilised.

20.When  Third umpire engage in International Cricket ?
Ans.In 1992, the use of a third umpire to adjudicate run-out appeals with television replays was introduced for the first time in the Test series between South Africa and India. The third umpire's duties have subsequently expanded to include decisions on other aspects of play such as stumpings, catches and boundaries.

21.When Srilanka became a Test nation?
Ans.In the year of 1982,three of those countries also became Test nations: Sri Lanka (1982), Zimbabwe (1992) and Bangladesh (2000).

22. First T20 cricket played which country?
Ans.The advent of Twenty20 cricket, played first in county cricket in England in 2003.

23.In which year first Women T20 played?
Ans.In the year 2004,In 2004, the first Women’s Twenty20 International was played and the following year saw the first Men’s Twenty20 International with the format being adopted as the third official format of the sport.

24.First T20 world cup played in which year?
Ans.In September 2007, India's victory over Pakistan in the final of the first ever ICC World Twenty20, played in Johannesburg, drew a worldwide TV audience of more than 400 million.

25.When ICC introduce championship table?
Ans.The new century also saw the ICC introducing a “Test Championship Table” in 2001. The following year, a “One-day International Championship Table” was introduced.

26.When Decision Review System introduce in Cricket?
Ans.In2008,a new referral system, in which players were allowed to refer some on-field decisions to the third umpire, made its international debut in a series between India and Sri Lanka. This has evolved to become the official Decision Review System.

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