Environment Objective questions and Answers:Father of Revolution list in india

Environment Objective questions and Answers:Father of Revolution list in india

Father of environment revolution in india
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1.Who is known as Forest Man of India?

Answer:Jadav Payeng.

2.Who is known as the tree man of India? 

Answer:Marimuthu Yoganathan. 

3.Who is known as Green Man of India?

Answer: K Abdul Ghani.

4.Who is known as Water Man of India?

Answer:Rajendra Singh.

5.Who is known as Plastic Man of India?

Answer:Dr Rajagopalan Vasudevan.

6.Who is known as Father of Ecology?

Answer:Ernest Haeckel.

7.Who is the Father of Indian Ecology?

Ans:Ramdeo Misra (1908-1988) is considered as Father of Indian Ecology.

8.Who Coined the word"Ecosystem"?


9.Who is the Father of Biology?


10.Who is known as the father of agriculture?

Answer:Mankombu Sambasivan Swaminathan. 

11.Who is the Father of "Evolution"? 

Ans:The theory of evolution is a shortened form of the term “theory of evolution by natural selection,” which was proposed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in the nineteenth century.

12.Who coined the term"Biodiversity"?

Ans:Thomas Lovejoy, a renowned conservationist and ecologist who is credited with coining the term “biodiversity,” died of pancreatic cancer on December 25, 2021, at the age of 80.

13.Who is the Father of the Green Revolution in India?

Answer:M. S. Swaminathan. 

14.Who is the father of blue revolution?

Answer:Hiralal Chaudhuri and Arun Krishnan. 

15.Who is the father of the Golden revolution?

Answer: Nirpakh Tutej. 

16.Who is the father of pink revolution?

Answer:Durgesh Patel. 

17.Who is founder of GREY revolution?

Answer:M.S. Swaminathan. 

18.Who is the father of global revolution?

Answer:Norman Borlaug is known as the father of green revolution in the world but in India Dr. M.S. Swaminathan is known as father of green revolution.

19.Who is also known as the bird man of India?

Answer:Dr. Salim Moizuddin Abdul Ali. 

20.Who is known as missile man of India? 

Answer:Dr Apj Abdul kalam Azad.

21.Who is known as the Iron Man of India? 

Answer:Sardar vallabhbhai patel. 

22.Who is known as the iron lady of india? 

Answer:Indira Gandhi is known as the "Iron Lady of India" and she was the first women Prime Minister of India. First Rajya Sabha member to become the PM.

23.Who is the father of chipko movement? 

Answer:Sunderlal Bahuguna. 

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